Best Safari - Wanayama or Night? (Staying At African Kingdom Lodge)


My family’s going to Disney World for the first time in 17 years in April of 2016. We’ll be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and are curious about the two different safaris offered (the nighttime one vs. the Wanayama Safari with the five-course meal at Jiko.)

Basically, I’m wondering which is better - is it worth the extra money for the longer afternoon safari plus the meal at Jiko? (One member of our party can’t drink alcohol, so the wine tasting included with Wanayama will be wasted.) We’d like to dine at Jiko in any case, but pricing it out it might be less expensive to do the night safari + separate reservations at Jiko - but is it worth the extra money for the longer afternoon safari? Would like to hear from anyone who’s done either one (and anybody who’s done both!)

Thanks in advance,

I am replying to make your question “latest” since I have not gone on either safari. You will love AKL! I do not know if the longer safari is needed since you will have a lot of opportunity to see the animals throughout your stay. The night safari passed by my balcony a few times during my last stay and it seemed like it was a great experience. Jiko is an amazing restaurant! It is my favorite- enjoy!