Best restaurants on monorail?

Am working on ADR plan, what are the best restaurants for dinner on the monorail?

What type of dinner experience are you looking for?

CG for signature dining.
'Ohana is great for families.
1900 Park Fare for a character meal.

I also like The Wave, Kona, GF Cafe


Thank you! I’m thinking signature dining and good family experiences, I’ll have to check these out. Less interested in character dining, we’ll be covering that during lunches in the parks.

I also like Citrico’s at GF for signature dining too but I wouldn’t pick it over CG.


Depends how you define “best”. For me, it’s CG, Citrico’s, and Narcoosee’s, in that order. The one time I ate at the Wave, the service was so bad I have no desire to go back. Kona left me completely unimpressed (for breakfast - I haven’t been there for other meals). I don’t do QS or CMs, so that cuts out a number of choices. The only “popular” one that I have not been to is Ohana; I have a very good “all you can eat meat served on a skewer” where I live (for half the price) so I have never seen a need to eat there. Trader Sam’s is a lot of fun for drinks and tasty “small plate” apps - but it’s not necessarily a “family dinner” location.

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California Grill at the Contemporary or Narcoosee’s at the Grand Floridian…both great choices!