Best restaurants on dining plan

I just had an interesting thought, and I’m curious to hear what others think. In many discussions about the dining plan, the topic of which restaurants are the best deal comes up. Usually this means choosing the most expensive restaurants. Do you think Disney can drive traffic to a restaurant by RAISING prices? I know that it would push cash paying customers away if it was too much, but could they raise the price per meal just enough that people on the dining plan might say “that’s a good use of credits”? I don’t expect that from the people on this forum who understand how it all works, but the uneducated Disney visitors are basically sheep in many cases.

I just thought it would be funny for Disney to raise prices at an unpopular restaurant to make it busier.

Thank you for listening to my TED talk.


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@heidelj. I think that the more frequent users of the forum would recognize that a poor restaurant is still not a good deal on the dining plan. Someone not in the know, who chooses restaurants just to get the biggest return on money spent, may be fooled. That will leave the ADRs for the good places for all of us.


I was thinking the same thing. But I think we’re a pretty small minority of park visitors.

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Just from watching on the sidelines, I’ve wondered if that was going on with BOG.

My thought is that they raise the prices on certain restaurants in order to make the dining plan seem like a deal. One example, is the Aker. Princess dining where I’ve heard that the servers are shocked when someone does NOT have the dining plan.

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Now I’m feeling attacked :rofl:

We like to do breakfast at Akershus and we don’t use the dining plan. I like it better than crystal palace for the food and I don’t think it’s more expensive.


I have felt that meals with Cindy - at the Castle - might be over priced but maybe that’s to reduce traffic?

Can’t quite see the average Disney traveler sensible enough to figure out that they want to utilize their DDP credits that way.

Anyone lurked much at Disney groups on Facebook?

Those folk apparently have an average age of 23 and seem to only want to know where’s the trendiest restaurant, resort, ride, extras.

They don’t seem to be doing much investigation on their own. Do the math? Um yeah no.


I suspect that most non planning dining plan users probably don’t even do the maths, far less check restaurant prices in advance.


Akershus is good for breakfast.

And while I agree with you about the food, Crystal Palace characters, especially Tigger and Eeyore, are much better liked by us than any Princess.

Pretty much the same at 1900 Park Fare supper. The Tremaines generally steal the show.



I assume this is cheaper because it’s outside the parks, but our dinner with a glass of wine was the same price as CP breakfast with no alcohol.

We did Akershus for breakfast without the dining plan. One of our favorite meals last trip.


Let’s not tell them.


I could be misunderstanding your point about breakfast at CP with no alcohol but - breakfast with Tigger and Eeyore and alcohol seems a bit over the top.

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Yeah, I read just pointing out the price difference :rofl:

But I think drinking with tigger would be fun!


Please don’t feel attacked. We’ll be doing that whether or not we have the dining plan. It is one of our two Must Do Dining. We’ll even be doing breakfast.

BUT, it is expensive even on a Disney Character Dining scale.

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Tigger, thanks for mentioning that. Where is he again?

DD isn’t a big fan of Pooh, so I would have glossed over mention of character dining with them. BUT, she has this silly Tigger toy that sings and does an energetic bounce. She loves that toy. One time when she did a dance recital at an old folks home. She brought Tigger since he was new. A few of the 5-6 year olds played with him during setup. Tigger totally stole the show and charmed the old folks.

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Tigger is at Crystal Palace with Pooh, Eeyore and Piglet

Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom. He’s a hoot.

We like breakfast about 10:30. Not so crowded and we’ve pretty much covered Adventureland and Frontierland by then.

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"Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom. He’s a hoot.

We like breakfast about 10:30. Not so crowded and we’ve pretty much covered Adventureland and Frontierland by then."

So, at 10:30am could you do Breakfast and Lunch?

I love breakfast in general. On the other hand, having a leisurely breakfast without wasting the early park hour sounds nice. Also more variety with both breakfast and lunch sounds nice. They don’t kick you out to setup for lunch do they?

Too bad that isn’t a resort location. If it were, we could show the Tigger toy to Tigger.

Are Pooh and Tigger still at 1900 Park Fare breakfast?