Best restaurants for anniversary dinner

We’re on the DDP and planning a 2 credit special dinner for our anniversary - 2 kids aged 13 and 8 with us, not particularly adventurous eaters so nothing like oriental or African restaurants.
I’ve been weighing up reviews for California Grill, Le Cellier, Flying Fish, Monsieur Paul but they all have mixed reviews. Was settled on Le Cellier until I read a review that said they had terrible service once the waiter knew they were on DDP.
Any personal experience of these restaurants recently or other suggestions please??

My vote is for California Grill during fireworks-they are known for great service. I’m going on May. I’ve been a handful of times, and always great.


I think the view from California Grill is amazing, but I think the menu can be more adventurous than some others. Flying Fish has my favorite on site steak and if you like fish (swordfish or scallops) I would consider that. If Jiko is not on your list I am not sure I would consider Monsieur Paul’s. I would also possibly look at Narcoossee, and time that during fireworks.


Jiko needs to be on everyone’s list. My kids are picky eaters for the most part, and they love Jiko.
My second vote would be for Jaleo’s at Disney Springs. One of my top 10 meals in my life. We also like California Grill. For an anniversary dinner the atmosphere can’t be beat.

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Jiko is always my tip pick but I think that is off @Janey_1a‘s list.

@Janey_1a, your whole family is going to the dinner?

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Yes, whole family is having dinner. Plan for that day is taking monorail rides and popping to Disney Springs as my eldest is keen to see the Lego shop. I’d planned to come back to hotel to change before dinner but if there’s somewhere nice at DS I could combine the Lego visit with dinner? Early start at MK next day and I hear getting back from Cali Grill after fireworks can be a bit of a nightmare so not sure it’s a good idea the night before an early wake up call?!

I agree on CG. Great meal and excellent view of the fireworks with narration and ,music piped in. Of course they pipe it in at Ohana and La Hacienda @ EPCOT,etc. now. I didn’t realize they were all starting to do that.

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I also think CG would be awesome for an anniversary, maybe as part of the splurge you could take Lyft home from the restaurant? Where are you staying?

Otherwise, I’d vote for Flying Fish. The food and service are just outstanding, we’ve been there a few times, most recently in May. The view of Crescent Lake & Boardwalk is nice, too.

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I have to say I’m very tempted with CG. Although there have been mixed reviews on some sites, every time I see the view I think I just have to go there! How do I tell what time the fireworks are so I know when to book a table? At the moment closing times on planner show 10pm but that has changed to 9pm for a few of the days in the week before. Don’t think an update will happen before my ADR opens in a couple of days.
Also, is the observation deck on a different level to the restaurant or are the windows blocked by bodies on the balcony watching the fireworks?!!!

CG is one of my favorite Disney restaurants. We haven’t had a bad meal or bad service there (and we have been a lot).
I also echo everyones suggestion about Jiko (love it).
Le Cellier would be the absolute last place I would pick–we went for my twins 13th birthday and just everything about it was so awful that we haven’t been back (but that was 8 years ago–I still just that mad).

We did three table service meals on our last trip (Biergarten dinner, lunch at Teppan Edo and lunch at Via Napoli) and my two boys (8,10) who are normally picky eaters loved Teppan Edo the most.

I don’t think it has to be a 2 credit Signature Restaurant to be a special dinner. With maybe the exception of V&A, none of them are that “fancy”.

Sometimes, it depends on what you order, unfortunately.

I agree and the menu is not all that expansive. To set the record, we love CA Grill. Of course, we live in California.

And really, you don’t have to stay for the fireworks. We didn’t stay for fireworks after our dinner there on our second trip.

If your kids are not adventurous, stick with American places that prepare food very traditionally … i.e. steakhouses.


We loved Teppan Edo with our kids! We don’t eat out much at home (with five kids), so the novelty of teppanyaki was still great.

I’m following this thread since DH and I are planning a very short trip in December and want a nice dinner out. Jiko is high on my list for this.

Thanks all, I think I just have to go with CG. Every time I see pictures of the view during fireworks I think I will regret it if we don’t go there!
Thanks everyone. :+1:


Great choice!