Best restaurant/show for 15 people - not in a park?

Hi - I’m trying to book a group dinner for 15 people. Any recommendations for a fun restaurant that doesn’t require a park ticket? It will be the last night for the first half of the group, and the first night for the other half (and they won’t have park ticket for that day).

I was thinking Backyard BBQ, but one of the flights lands at 4, and I think 530 would be tough.

Thank you!

Who is in that party of 15? Do they range from very young/preschool to older? Then the BBQ might be a nice option for you.

The timing is unreasonably tight, though.

How about HDDR with the latest seating??

I was thinking about HDDR…

10 adults, and kids ages 8, 6, 6, 3, 3.

Our highlight of our three generation trip was Whispering Canyon Cafe at WL! The girls still talk about Grandpa wearing the pirate hat made by the server while sipping his “large” water with the three foot straw. Great food and great fun.

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We have that one on the list!