Best restaurant at Disney Spring


so, what's your favorite? i'm going there for the first times in a fews days.


My favorite is Raglan Road. It has great food and an amazing environment.




I certainly haven't tried them all, but RR is one of my all time WDW TSs.


That does it for me! If you recommend it, then I will have to try it! Just booked it for dinner during our November trip. We are going on a Sunday night at 6:30. Looking online, it looks like there will be entertainment during that time. Have you found that there is always entertainment?


Homecomin' was fantastic in April. I also like Morimoto Asia.


Raglan Road, definitely. Homecoming is getting great reviews but wasn't open when we last visited.


I have been to both Morimoto and Homecoming. I enjoyed them both but it is so funny I ended up at Raglan twice my last trip. The food and so good and when you add the music (and dancers) it adds for me another dimension.


^^^^^ This!! :four_leaf_clover:


Another Raglan Road recommendation from me! Great service, excellent entertainment, delicious food!


We love The Boathouse, but it's a signature. Either you fork out the money or use 2 dining credits per meal. We spilt our meal, so it wasn't a huge hit on our credits. If paying out of pocket, sharing would also save some dough.


Another vote for Homecomin(g) from me!


Is it Homecoming or Homecomin'?


Haha I think it changed from being Homecoming to Homecomin' some time after it opened. Homecomin' just feels weird to say/type!


We LOVED Morimoto's. It was by fair the best restaurant meal we had while at Disney and possibly my favorite restaurant meal of my life. Great atmosphere and service but the food was just above and beyond!


Not if you're from the South... that's how we say it. :joy:


Morimoto's was excellent. I was kind of disappointed with the Boathouse and thought it was overpriced, even by Disney signature standards.


I love Morimoto too and the restaurant is so beautiful! Homecoming is very good too. That is why it always surprises me when I always answer Raglan- but Raglan is always my choice.