Best resort within walking distance to Epcot?

Was thinking Boardwalk looked really neat, but looking further in to the inn part, looks like the rooms are so far away from everything as we would not be in the Villas.
Think it would be better to just visit the Boardwalk and stay elsewhere.

To me the YC is the furthest away Epcot but even then you are talking about a 10 minute walk. BC is the closest but I would not let the distance be the deciding factor. YC is my favorite.

I’ve stayed in all three Disney resorts near Epcot (haven’t stayed at the Dolphin or the Swan). I’d probably choose between them based on price. However, if the price is not a factor, then Yacht/Beach Club have a better pool area, so I’d suggest one of those places, depending on what theme you like better.

BC is closer than YC but not buy a significant distance. They’re basically attached. You can walk from YC through BC then turn left and you’ll be at international gateway to Epcot in a few minutes

They are all a very easy walk to Epcot. Very.