Best Resort for Studio rooms

This question is more hypothetical, because I’m not looking to switch to a Studio for our upcoming trip. But in the FUTURE, if I ever wanted to do another on-property trip at a lower cost, getting a Studio saves a lot.

So, here’s my question. Since I wake up early, but nap, and my wife doesn’t nap, we both would want to have a space to go when the other is still asleep. For our December 2020 trip, we are going the 1 bedroom route for this purpose. But are there resorts that are more ideal for stepping out of the room and just being alone for a while (during early morning sleeps, or afternoon naps) that doesn’t involve actually LEAVING the resort?

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I loved our balcony at animal kingdom lodge. I spent almost every afternoon out there watching the animals with a glass of wine.

I wonder if the Poly would be a good place for this as well since the studios are a bit bigger and have the multiple bathroom situation.


Club level?

I think that might violate the “…trip at a lower cost…” part of that! :wink:

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Not sure what you’re after really. To me, that’s what the balcony is for. Or are you wanting to know which resort has places you could go to kill time?

If I knew what you were wanting, it would help answer! :thinking:

Well, like…I’m not sure, really! :slight_smile:

So, in the mornings, I’ll be up an hour or two ahead of my wife. I don’t want to have to sit there doing nothing waiting for her to wake up or worried I’ll wake her up. So, I’d like to be able to step out and do something, whether it is sit and read, drink something, post trip reports on TP forums, whatever.

For my wife, she would hate to just sit there while I nap as well. I’m not sure if the patio would be enough.

At the same time, not looking for “activities” per se. Just some nice areas to be alone and pass the time, maybe with some WIFI access to watch YouTube or something.

I know when we stayed at Dixie Landings (aka POR), once you stepped out of your room, you did have a bit of a walk to get to the place you eat. I don’t recall if there was a more relaxing place to sit or anything there. Too long ago!

I can see the AKL advantage in that regard that @girlbytheseashore suggested.

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AKL definitely. Jambo or Kidani really.

The Beach Club Villas have two public rooms to sit in, and of course the pool is right there too. The building is reasonably compact so not far to go. Plus a short walk is the Solarium in the main BC building, near to the QS / shop so you could get a muffin and coffee and sit in the Solarium.

WL also has plenty of places to sit, whether inside or out. Do the hidden Mickey trail to pass the time even! And I know you said without leaving the resort, but a trip around Bay Lake on the boat is soooo relaxing, it’s a favourite thing of mine from BLT.

GF has some amazing shops, a gorgeous lobby, outdoor areas.


AKL, assuming your room has some animals wandering by. WL Copper Creek I had bottom floor and armadillos were right there at my patio…that was the coolest.

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The best I can claim was seeing geckos. :slight_smile:

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SS has DS Access esp from Congress Park

Poly has tons of walking plus hammocks, beaches and access to GF by foot and monorail or boat ride

AKL is phenomenal for walking around both inside and out

Many great options.

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I vote AKL too.

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I was going to say, at WL, you have BR, which includes the delightful Carolwood Pacific room, and CC, which is very close to the wonderfully gigantic main lobby. And the areas just outside both buildings are lovely too.

We stay at BLT and there is balcony ,a patio out by the bar area with umbrella tables ,great for reading or posting
and tons of quite tables right at the contemporary and couches everywhere on the second floor
of the contemporary also nice gift shop -contempo cafe .coffee stand in the lobby
My husband wakes up earlier than me and sometimes just walks to the MK and gets starbucks coffee and does pirates and the people mover while i get ready
vice versa I always have stuff to do when he go’s back to do his work emails -I do the monorail and visit other gift shops or grab a dole whip at the polly too