Best rates advice for Poly-June

Question to the experts. Have trip planned for June. What’s a good rate for Poly, standard view. Don’t want to over pay and looking for a deal. Please advise.

I don’t have numbers to share, but I’m sure someone else will. I think a good strategy is to book the room you want before the 6-month mark, even if you pay rack rate. You can do the deposit, but wait to pay. Then stalk MDE and Lines and watch for discounts. As soon as a discount is released, call and rebook. You can do this multiple times if better discounts come out. They will reduce the amount you owe or credit you the difference if you’ve already paid.

Last July 1-4 I paid $331 per night I think, standard view.

Thanks for the tips. Expedia is $307. But if I book through them, I have to buy park tickets separately and forfit Magic band, extra hours and fast pass, right???

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You should be able to link the reservation in MDE and you will still get MBs. Yes, you’ll have to buy tickets separately. If it’s s good deal, then go for it! Just check Expedia’s cancellation policy. If a better price comes along, you’ll want the flexibility to cancel it and rebook.

You would still get MB, magical express, extra hours. That all comes with a Disney resort. You will have to buy tickets and link, and link your resort reservation ( you need Expedia to get you the number) in My Disney Experience. You cannot add the dining plan. It is a good rate!

Thanks for your help. Didn’t know all this. Just have to link everything. Disneyland is typically not this labor intensive. That’s our home park. WDW is every 5 years. Or this year The Flip Side!

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go to and request a quote. I just booked a trip with them for Poly for last week of October 2015. the pre tax nightly rate is $296 which is about a 38% discount. they buy blocks of rooms at the deluxe resorts for a discount. I also saved $130 on the 4 6 day park tix I needed for my family (Disney price 1295, my price through MV 1165) and I got a free day at a waterpark for all 4 of us by buying through them too. I don’t know if they will have poly discounts for the week you are going but it’s worth checking into. Tikiman (the unofficial Poly expert), recommends them on his website and says he booked his summer 2015 Poly stay with them too for a discount. Let us know if it works out for you!

just re-read my post and realized it may be confusing. the Disney rack rate that week is $474 per night (average b/w weekday and weekend rates) and the discounted rate I got was $296, this if for a standard view room.

@mjsmomma… Thank you for the great info. Going to see if there are any additional discounts over the MLK weekend. Then will decide. Will get a quote as well.