Best/Quickest route from Frontierland/Liberty Square to 7DMT entrance?

We plan to dash to 7DMT after the 2nd parade this Friday night at MNSSHP. Usually we watch parades by Pecos Bill’s but I am wondering if we should watch in Liberty Square instead and then as the last of the parade goes by duck past HM, past the Tangled restrooms and in to Fantasyland and on to Mine Train.
Does this sound like a good plan? And where would you plant yourself for the parade with this being the plan for after?

It’s really a direct shot from LS to 7DMT following the route you described. Can’t really think of an alternate that would be any better…

Thanks @bswan26. So you agree better to abandon my usual Peco’s Bill spot and find a spot in LS? I have never watched from there and am having trouble picturing the parade route. Touring plan has us watching Hallowishes, then going to Villains Mix and Mingle (I think that is in front of the castle? and then going to 2nd parade. I feel like we should do Villains earlier and go straight from Hallowishes to find a parade spot.

You could watch by Sleepy Hollow (38), and then take the path by it that goes directly to FL behind the castle.

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That’s a great idea!