Best quick service?

Hello Disney peeps.
With so many restaurants to choose from, I’m at a loss when it comes to lunch on the fly.
I have picky eaters. My wife doesn’t like spicy foods. My daughter loves Asian cuisine especially sushi.
My son is happy with buttered pasta or pb&j. I will try and probably enjoy any taste. I enjoy unique foods.
I want to accommodate everyone, without going to 4 different places for one meal.
What would you recommend to be the best quick service meal from each of the four main parks?


EP = I’m confident that Sunshine Seasons will work for your family
MK = Take a look at the Columbia Harbor House menu or consider leaving the park and going to the Polynesian for Captain Cooks / Kona Island
DHS = No recommendation
AK = See if you think that Satuli cafe or Flame Tree BBQ would work. I don’t think that Harambe Market is will work for you. Those are only three QS that I would consider for AK.

Would Yak & Yeti quick service work for AK? I haven’t tried it, but they do have PB&J.

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Thank you for your recommendations.
I checked out the menus.
They all look great!
I’m adding most of these to my itinerary.
I’ll be doing the SS in EP & CH in MK.
Luckily I have not reserved a sit down meal for AK so I can visit both FT & YY.
I did not see much for QS at HS, so I did two sit downs. One comes with the Fantasmic package.
So much Win!

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