Best quick breaks from DHS and MK?

Any favourite ideas for about a 2.5 hour break from DHS or MK around 4pm? My plans for both these parks have us finishing up with not quite enough time to return to the hotel before evening shows. If we want a break from the park (and especially in the case of DHS, want to find better food!) what would be a good way to use that time? I want to stay flexible, so not planning to make ADR’s. This is for Jan 25 & 26.

If you have hoppers, Epcot for the street shows / food.
If you do NOT have hoppers, at the Boardwalk, you might be able to catch some street shows and there is food there as well (Ample Hills Creamery is AWESOME for ice cream.) You also have any of the Epcot resorts for food or exploring. All of these are accessible by the Friendship boats which has a boarding place/ Launch just outside the HS entrance. If you’re walking out of the park, just follow the path to the left - you’ll probably see ppl waiting.

There also some mini golf course very close to the Swan hotel.

@seebee has HS covered. For MK I’d suggest checking out the hotels on the monorail loop and/or Wilderness Lodge, which is reachable via boat from MK or the Contemporary. Check out the impressive lobbies at WL, GF and/or Poly - grab a quick bite or snack at any of them - Poly has Dole Whips which is always popular and all have good QS options if you don’t want ADRs. You have a variety of ways to get to/from there between the Monorail and boat access to WL/GF/Poly (Contemporary is only monorail or walk) which can be fun in itself. Poly and GF also have beaches you can check out…

Ohhhh, I didn’t know there was a boat to Wilderness Lodge! That’s good to know. That probably makes it a tossup between WL and Poly for us to hang out for a bit and get some dinner. I’m curious to see both of them. That’s two solid options so I can just see what mood we’re in that day. Thank you.

Thanks! No hoppers so the Boardwalk makes sense. I’ve read so many reviews about Ample Hills and never figured we’d fit it into our plans so that could work out very nicely. :icecream: Do you have any favourite spots for dinner?

For dinner in the epcot resorts area, if you are sushi eaters, Kimonos at swan/dolphin would be my choice. There’s a whole bunch of places at all of those resorts, and a few places on the boardwalk. You’ll have access to all of them. They are all pretty close to each other.

I totally recommend doing the monorail loop from MK. DH and I did this one afternoon and just rode around twice before we needed to hop to EPCOT. If you can get a seat, you can relax, take in the sights, and maybe even have a little nap (DH did).

Our full MK day we’re planning on heading to the Polly around 4:30 to have a QS dinner and maybe stroll around the resort a little. Just to take a break from the MK crowds. But the boat to WL might be a neat idea too… too many choices and not enough days:wink: