Best QS non park place for breakfast

On our MVMCP day I want to take it very easy, with maybe just a late breakfast so my son can get Mickey Waffles. Looking for QS. We’re staying at BLT. We can go anywhere, I just want to take it easy. TS is just so pricey, and we really don’t eat much so I was hoping to avoid it. Any place you like best? I would love to do Kona Cafe (TS)- but no Mickey Waffles :sob:.

Contempo Cafe has waffles.

I like it there. The variety is pretty good, and although it’s often quite busy, I’ve always been able to find a table.

Maybe we’ll go to POFQ for beignets! OR Can you get Tonga Toast at the QS place at The Poly? I wonder if they be able to make a dairy free version for me?

You can get Tonga Toast there but no strawberry compote. Though I’ve heard if you ask they will get it for you.

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I’d highly recommend catching a boat ride over to Fort Wilderness and trying out P&J’s Southern Takeout. The food comes right off the buffet at Trail’s End which is really good. There is no indoor seating but there are plenty of spots out around the restaurant. Pricing there is hard to beat for Disney & they do have Mickey Waffles.

If you do go, take your son into the stables to see the horses. They are just in the next building from the restaurants.