Best pocket wifi device for the parks?


We’re travelling to WDW from outside the US. We’d like to rent a pocket Wi-Fi device that the whole family can connect to. Any recommendations?


I’m not sure why you’d need one. If you have devices capable of connecting to WIFI, they can connect to Disney’s free WIFI.

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Ditto to this - park WiFi works great

Also, I’m not sure if you’re going to Universal, but they have in Park WiFi, too.

If you remove great from that sentence, I agree. I would call their WiFi just above adequate. But it works.

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Thanks everyone!

I would remove “works” too

I don’t know if there have been improvements, but on my previous visits (last time was im january) I’ve had constant issues with slow or non existent speeds. Especially in MK it was jammed on a busy day.

As for wifi/data, if you happen to have some sort of travel data plans from your carrier at home, I would consider that? I think many EU countries at least now offer reasonable travel packages. My carrier charges like 15€/1gb, not free but ok for basic surfing.

As for travel wifi modules, sorry don’t know anything about them except that most probably require a s card and I think most prepaid sims have expensive data rates?