Best plan if FOP isn't a MUST ride

We are planning on going to AK and couldn’t get a FP for FOP. We plan to get to the park at opening, but rather than fight the crowds and RP FOP (we are doing that for SDMT and TT the other days) I figured we wouldn’t try to fight the massive crowds at AK. I know this is like THE BEST ride at Disney but we are prone to motion sickness but if we miss this one, I think we’ll still have an amazing experience.

Question is, what is the best way to try and ride FOP without waiting 2+ hours if we decide we DO want to try and ride this one? Crowd levels look like they will be a 7/8.
What is the likelihood I get a FOP FP drop if I check right at 5:01? (Our last FP at AK is at 3:50 on Na’vi River) What would the wait be if we try and ride right before park close? Any other advice? Our FP at AK are EE @ 10:30, KS at 12:25, and NVJ at 3:50)

Thanks in advance!

I think it depends when you go… Trying for a day of drop is a pretty good option as long as you’re not late. Just go on a minute or two before and keep refreshing. I’d avoid Disney wifi if your signal is fine - I found that being on my mobile network allowed me to refresh faster.

Depending on the crowd level, end of day is another option… You will still probably wait 45-60 min but it won’t be as long as mid day … And don’t let the posted wait time fool you, they keep it high and the end of the day to discourage people from waiting in line.

Thanks so much! I forgot to mention, we will have a party of 5, does that matter with same day drops? Also, where do I “refresh”? I want to make sure I’m on the right screen - do I first select my party (like a minute before) then hit “search” for FP or should I avoid selecting my party.

Select your party and park, and then go to the screen where it shows the attractions and times. Then keep hitting a time at the top and it will refresh. You can do this very quickly. I’d start 2-3 min before.

Thank you! Makes sense!!