Best Places to Propose in Magic Kingdom?

Hi all. I’m going to Orlando in October with my family (mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law) and my boyfriend. We’ll be going to Magic Kingdom on our 1st day, and I plan on popping the question there. Here are my questions:

  1. Any suggestions of good proposal spots in the Magic Kingdom?
  2. Are there any spots that I, as a gay man proposing to his same sex partner, should avoid?
  3. Is there anything I can do to make sure this moment is even more magical (pun intended)?

Thanks for the help!


I can’t answer any of your questions but I would assume in front of the castle would be an ideal spot!! :wink:

Congratulations, what a special memory that will be for you both!! :slight_smile:

Hi Jeffinatx,
I’m sure there are loads of people over here that have better answers to your questions… But I thought I give it a go…

  1. Maybe during fireworks at night? Although it’s crowed maybe you can find a CM that can help you find a nice spot to watch and propose when you’re ready…
    Or inside the castle? After dinner at CRT?
  2. Only been once but don’t know if there is a spot you should avoid…
  3. You can arrange several things in your hotel room by contacting Disney’s Florals and Gifts…

I hope that someone else on the forum also has some more ideas for you… Good luck preparing!

First let me send an early congrats!! What a place to propose.

I do not think there is any places to avoid per se.

As to places to propose:
Do you both have a favorite ride??
Haunted mansion, peter pan, maybe the magic caepets of aladdin.

If you do not want to do a ride…
Maybe rent a private pontoon boat for wishes and either be by your selves or with family
Main street train station with the castle in the backgroud
In front of the partners statue
Maybe get a characture done by libery square

Trying to think where i would want…I think for me I would want the partners statue and the castle. I would start bu waiting for a photopass pbotographer and getting the normal pictures then get down on one knee. I am sure the ohotographer will take lots of picturrs.

Poly beach during the fireworks, heard that’s good.


Congrats! Celebrate the Magic as you create your own magic? Peoplemover (although no photo)

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Congratulations! I’m excited for you!

If the crowds aren’t too crazy, there is a great photo op right in front of the park entrance, with the railroad above. The landscaping is lovely there and makes a nice backdrop. And, i think it says something like “let the memories begin” on a sign below the railroad. Kinda nice…

Then, once you’re in the park and he’s said “yes!”, get lots more pics to commemorate the occasion. You can probably get buttons at town hall and have them write “just engaged” on them.

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If it were me, I’d try to avoid crowded, congested areas. Not romantic. I love Tate’s idea:

If it has to be in the MK, I’d aim for one of the walkways that loops around the castle. I believe one wraps around each side, one connecting to Liberty Square while the other goes to Fantasyland. Bit more secluded, bit more private, but with the castle and water right there.

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That’s kind of mean to have a just engaged button, saying you are only engaged and not married.

How is it mean? Those buttons say “Celebrating…” Then they fill in the space with whatever you might me celebrating. In this case, they will have just gotten engaged. All day long after that, people would be congratulating them. It’s up to the OP if he wants to do that.
Do you think people are going to think that the word “just” means “only” ? There’s a well established term “just married” that people use. I’m using it in the same sense.

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Congratulations! You could take a carriage ride at POR. Although. There won’t be any PP photographers.

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I’ve read about this company Although I’ve never worked with them. It’s always seemed interesting to me.
You can hire a Disney photographer and have a family photo shoot or just one with your soon to be fiancé. Is there a special place in Disney that might mean something to you both?
Edited to add : Congrats! I got wrapped up in ideas for this and totally forgot to congratulate you. And keep us updated. I love this kind of thing. I was eating in CRT when another liner saw a proposal happen just outside and I missed it! I didn’t see any!

I’m going to assume you know he’ll say ‘yes’. I say this because I had a proposal once in a crowded restaurant where the guy got on his knees, and the whole restaurant turned to watch. Of course I said yes but two weeks later we called it off. So, yeah, be sure if it’s public that his ‘yes’ is for you and not to avoid embarrassment or an awkward situation.

In front of the castle or the Disney statue would be nice if you do rope drop or EMH (morning) and can get it to yourselves. Unfortunately, it’s often very crowded later in the day.

There’s also a spot on the bridge from Tomorrowland to the center where you’ll often see Photopass photographers. It’s got a little trellis and is just off the bridge with the castle behind it. That would be a wonderful spot.

If you are more rustic people, you might go over to Tom Sawyer’s Island. Or how about in the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, again for people who like rustic. Don’t go in the height of the crowds, though or you’ll be pushed to move along through it.

Don’t do it on a ride, as you’ll miss out on the ride that way, but you could do it just after or before, if you’re so inclined. I’d pick Small World, if that’s the case.

Also, there are spots in the back of the new Fantasyland where you might have a view of the Prince’s castle. That might work.

All the best. I hope you find your perfect moment.

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If you get an early morning breakfast reservation (8am) you can be one of only a few on the main path in front of the castle which would be nice and not too crowded. I also like the beach Poly idea.

I would not worry about being publicly gay at Disney. I have been to several “Gay Day” events, etc. Disney is just very welcoming to all people and the guests follow suit. Everyone will applaud and be happy for you. :relaxed:



That joke went pretty well when I used it on Chat. I was trying to relive my former glory.


thank you for letting me know I wasn’t being a jerk!!

It’s sometimes hard to “get” people’s tone on forum. I have a great sense of humor but I totally took you seriously. It made me think I may have worded my suggestion in a thoughtless way. Wish the OP would jump back in and let us know if he likes any of these ideas!

How about proposing just as you are about to go down the shoot on Splash Mountain?! That would make for a memorable pic. Haha! If you will be offering up a ring, maybe tie a string to it and attach it to your belt loop so it doesn’t fling into the water during the drop/excitement. Ha!


Sorry I’ve been MIA. It was a busy weekend (btw, everyone needs to see JUNGLE BOOK. Absolutely incredible).

Thank you all so much for the support and the outstanding ideas. I’m glad I have 6 months to figure out the perfect plan. There are simply too many options!

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We saw the Jungle Book yesterday! Absolutely agree. It was beyond my expectations.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you come back to this thread and post a pic or two!

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Oh I will! It’s so nice having this thread to chat about this. I tell my guy everything, so keeping this secret for 6 months is going to be a challenge.