Best place to meet Santa?

HI! We are leaving Friday on our first family trip! I would like to take DD4 and DS1 to meet Santa. I know he is in Downtown Disney and I heard either the Swan or Dolphin. Any suggestions on where the best place is to meet him? Staying at Wilderness Lodge. Thanks Liners!

The Mr and Mrs Claus they had at epcot were amazing.

He is in mk too. He spent a lot of time with the dds

A word about Santa at the Swan and Dolphin, he’s wearing Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Still very much Santa, and totally awesome, but if you’re looking for the “traditional” Santa attire, that’s not the place to go. :wink:

Santa at Downtown was fabulous – don’t know if it’s worth the trip for you. There was no line either around lunch time.