Best place to get maps of the parks?

I’ve searched a bit, but they are all so small. My eyes! Where have you found the best maps?


On the Disney site:

Go to ‘parks and tickets’, choose your park and there’s a map on hrs of page. You can zoom in so you can read the attraction names.

I always go there for maps.

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What about for printing one out? I like having things in my hand.

They are downloadable PDF files. You can print them as large as you have a printer to print them on.

You can always zoom in and use a snipping tool to copy and paste to Word or Powerpoint or such, so you can print a section at a time, if you are limited to letter size paper.

I like Kenny the pirate maps. They’re on his website. He super imposes them with helpful data points - like where the characters are located.

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That is a GREAT map! Thank you, just what I was looking for. Easy to print and to read.

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