Best place to eat at HS

What’s the best place to eat at Hollywood Studios? We have out grown Disney Junior characters, so Hollywood & Vine Breakfast will not be done this trip.


Sci Fi was okay but the food was nothing special

We enjoyed 50s Prime Time a real lot.


I second 50’s prime time. If you have kids they will love the snarky wait staff

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HBD sounds excellent, but I’m trying to keep the cost down (that’s funny!) on this trip. I will add it to my list of contenders and talk to DH.

I was considering 50’s Prime Time. We’ve eaten at Mama Melrose’s. We had pizza. Good but not great.

HBD has hands down the best food. Of the non-signatures I like 50s the best, MM second, and Sci-fi third.

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I think 50s Prime Time is a good option for keeping costs down and the food is decent. We have shared meals there (especially if having a milkshake or dessert).

Thanks. I am ok with $20 per plate per person but will limit the buffets and signature dining at $60 per person for sure on this trip!

We go to 50s Prime Time every time. Love that place.

If you are okay with the cost I’ll second HBD. The food is delicious! We ate at HBD, Citrico’s and Tiffins on our last trip and HBD was second only to Tiffins.

I loved Sci Fi when I was high school age just for the experience, but haven’t been in ages to know whether food was actually any good or not.

I felt like HS was a bit of a food desert last time I was there.