Best place for fireworks at MK

So where’s the best place to watch the fireworks at MK and when should you bag your spot? Everybody want that perfect experience, that perfect view so they can take the best photos and have the best memories. Hopefully this thread can help.

I’m posting on here as the thread that my DM and I started on the app has filled with SFLs. We were very fortunate on our holiday in March to walk into a really good view of Wishes. We’d only landed at Orlando late that afternoon but headed straight to MK. We meandered up Main Street taking everything in and then stopping at Casey’s for some food. The queue was magically short and we went outside to eat at the side of Main Street. This was about 20 min before Wishes was due to start. As we were stood there enjoying the hotdog deliciousness we saw a CM laying tape down across Main Street in line with the walkway that crosses from the Tomorrowland Terrace to Crystal Palace. We immediately thought that must be to keep the walkway open and therefore there wouldn’t be anybody in front of us, so we went and staked our claim on the Main Street side of the tape. This is the gap in front of us, and if you open up the link there are two other photos showing left and right down the walkway:

We loved this view:

It worked so well for us because we didn’t use our valuable time waiting to stake out our place. We did exactly the same on our last night although the queue at Casey’s was longer so we ended up getting to the tape location with only 10-15 min to go but we still got our spot.

I can see how this spot might not be perfect for the projections on the castle, as you can see in the first photo somebody had a child on their shoulders which didn’t bother us because we were watching Wishes. But others have said they enjoyed this view for HEA so it’s still worth it.

Here’s my beautiful assistant showing where we stood:
I believe all our expectations are different, which is why I’ve taken photos to show you what we could see. Hopefully others will comment with their tactics, waiting times and photos so the first timer or returnee who wants a different view can choose what suits them.

I should also mention that our first night was the beginning of March, before spring break, but our last night was in the middle of spring break. We also watched from our table at the California Grill, the terrace at CG (on the highway in the sky dine around), our table at Narcoosee’s and Citricos, and behind the Castle by the Carousel. But none of them compared to this:
Please add comments to this thread to help others find their best spot.


Thanks again Tatty for the information, hoping to use it for our February trip!!

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Let us know how you get on. Happy planning!

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Thanks for sharing!

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