Best place for dessert?

Going to AK, which closes at 7pm. So looking for a recommendation for dessert? Maybe BoardWalk?

Disney Springs. Homecoming for cake or pie.


Disney Springs, Amorette’s.


I second this.

There really aren’t very many desserts at WDW worth going out of the way for. These are two.

Also Salt and Straw opens (yikes!!!) tomorrow and I would absolutely recommend popping in there for some weird ice cream that is absoludelicious. (That’s an autocorrect I’m not only going to leave, but start using in daily conversation)

Also, Gideon’s.


I found Amorette’s to be really disappointing on my last visit! But it could be that I just made bad choices.

I still think the cake there was much better than the not-really-cookies.


Yes cake. Cookies. All good. Worth going out of the way for in a way very few WDW desserts are


At this point, I’ve had most of their desserts. As long as it was not overly sweet, I loved them!:yum:

OMG, I did not get cake last time, I think I need to remedy this next trip…


We were going to get the cake, but the one we wanted was gone. My fave cookie is the Pistachio one. Nice mix of salt & sweet.

Using loose definition of “best” a la a recent @Jeff_AZ poll to encompass convenience:

I used to have (read: still definitely currently have) a weird obsession with Rainforest Cafe and must have had their their volcano cake at least 30 times throughout high school and college. Not sure what their opening hours are on your planned day, but you could bop in there on your way out of the park. Its not nearly as gourmet as other suggestions above, but if you have kids with you this could be a huge hit and not require as much travel/wait. Plus they have frozen margaritas with mini beer bottles sticking out of the top…

(And yes I just publicly recommended Rainforest Cafe for their food.)


This is my favorite dessert at WDW and I am not ashamed to say it. Especially good if you order an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream to go with it (there is never enough ice cream).


Great tip. My nemeses is whipped cream masquerading as ice cream, and then you go to take a bite and then… :tired_face:




Fwiw I love their breakfast.

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we had this last trip and it was a hit!! Enough for two adults and a 7 year old. YUMMY

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I need to try cake next time. Wasn’t super impressed with the cookies but a good piece of cake with frosting… oh lord

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We did Gideon’s and got a cookies and cream and a normal chocolate chip.

I thought both were fine, but DW and DD8 both were not impressed.

The best desert was a tie between Beaches and Cream no way jose

And the chocolate Mousse

Pic is from 2022 ignore the date on the shirt.


Now I want to eat all of these things!