Best Park on a Race Day

I will be at WDW the week of the Food & Wine Marathon. I’m trying to pick my park days and wondering which park is the best to go to on a race day. TP has EPCOT at a 1 for that day but that seems kinds counter-intuitive to me; doesn’t the race end there? I would think it would be pretty busy that day. Which park(s) do you guys suggest to go on race days?

It’s a half marathon, so it shouldn’t cut into park opening very much. (The only marathon at Disney is in January.)

Do the racers tend to stick around after the race? I’ve never been during race time so have no clue how it all works and how it affects the parks.

Most will go back to shower, eat, and/or rest. I think there is a paid thing at Epcot for the W&D people at night.

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I went to Epcot in the half day in 2018. I prob wouldn’t do that again. The race ends there, and the race was not over at park open. So you had to wait at crossings to get from one side to another. World showcase was really crowded after the race was over. Mix of racers and just being a Sunday I think. Pretty cool
To see these runner complete the race. But for us it was our only Epcot day and it did not go smoothly for us.

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Of course, if they keep Epcot opening at 11, a half should be done by then… Unless it starts WAY later than a regular runDisney race!

When it opens at 9, yes, it can be an issue on Half Marathon days - but opening at 11 impact should be minimal.


You guys are awesome, thanks for the insight. This is only my 3rd trip to WDW and my first one solo. Since I won’t be with the kids this time, I was hoping to embrace the ability to be spontaneous this trip. But, alas, I’m too much of an over-planner. Plus, all the unknowns are killing me this time: Jersey Week, the Half Marathon, Genie+ unknowns, etc. I read these boards a ton but rarely post. Everyone on here is so knowledgeable and helpful. I really appreciate all the advice! :slight_smile:

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Good point!

Sad but true if they keep opening later probably won’t matter.

As an additional FYI, all half marathon racers get access to a post race party at Epcot. They can enter starting at 5pm and can stay all night. So there will definitely be runners there in the evening hours. That day the park is going to open an hour late and close an hour early…