Best Park for Christmas Day and Day after

We’re doing the insane thing of going to WDW Christmas week (Dec 20-27). I know the crowds will be crazy and we’re got low expectations and are just planning to do the rides we can do, see what same day FPP we can snag, enjoy the atmosphere and have some family time. That said, I’m not sure I’m fully prepared for what the crowd situation is really going to look like. Last year we went the week of December 16 and the worst we saw was a CL8. Our plan is:

(Maybe a late night park Dec 20, depending)
Dec 21: Epcot
Dec 22: Magic Kingdom (no party, but take advance of lower morning crowds)
Dec 23: Hollywood Studios
Dec 24: Animal Kingdom

The 25th and 26th are still unplanned. We don’t like park hopping (too much hassle with kids) so we’ve got single park tickets. What park will feel least crowded those days? I know that it will be 10+ everywhere, but my sense is that some parks are able to absorb huge crowds better than others. Or it that silly and everywhere will be equally bad, so just pick based on rides? (If it matters, we’ve got a group of 3 adults and a 5 year old, plus grandma and 2yo baby who might tag along one of the days).

WWYD? (Other than going back in time and not agreeing to do Disney Christmas week!)

Edited to Add: We’ve got 6 day tickets. I’m not worried if we end up not using one for a rest day but the thinking was it would allow us to do fewer things each day, maybe even just got for a few hours in the morning, and not feel stressed about needing to pack it all in). We are staying off site so no EMH.

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Since you can have a rest day, use it on Christmas. You can open presents in your room, visit the deluxe resorts and see the many Christmas decorations. You can watch fireworks with sound from WL the sound is piped from Geyser Point lounge. You still have the Poly to watch too. You didn’t say what resort you have. Good luck planning.

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