Best Park Bag that will fit on rides?

First WDW trip without having the lower compartment of a stroller to store all our junk. I think I need a bigger backpack style bag but I can’t remember how large the little seat pockets are on rides—or do some have storage cubbies/lockers at the ride? Or can bags go in the floor sometimes?
I have no memory of this as I just carried a tiny crossbody on my person last time. Anyone have a park bag they love that holds what you need but isn’t a hassle getting on and off rides?

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On most rides you just place the bag at your feet. I will sometimes loop my foot through one of the straps for extra reassurance for myself. Honestly I can’t think of a ride you can’t bring your bag on, but sometimes people will use the free lockers when riding Kali River Rapids to prevent it getting wet

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I’ve used a backpack and had no problem storing it at my feet during rides.

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Ok that’s great-I was overthinking it like everything else involved with Disney! Glad to know a standard backpack will be fine.

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Are there ever problems on RnRC or ToT?
I have to figure out what I am going to do without a stroller myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go with a cross body bag for yourself, and make everyone carry their own stuff!

As soon as we were done with the stroller, our kids started carrying their own bags (size appropriate and nothing expensive in them… autograph book, Sharpies, small snack, disposable poncho, small toy).

It was liberating and no one should be the family sherpa!


That’s me! I will almost surely get Fanny packs for the kids. We do very short park days so I probably don’t even need as much as I think.

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Nope. Again on those kinds of rides I loop my foot through the strap but I’m not sure that’s even necessary

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I do this too. Just be careful to unloop it before you try to disembark!!


I typically carry a fairly large backpack. The only rides I have trouble with are Soarin’ and FoP. The CM’s are good on those rides with letting me leave it off to the side.

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My wife absolutely loves sash bags (

I even picked up one of their bags for men (‘the stash bag’). They are cross-body bags with a lot of well thought out special features. Highly recommend them for all theme parks, especially roller coaster parks where things occasionally fall out of pants pockets. You can see it at (