Best Orlando weather forecast sites

Who’s had luck with what sites when trying to plan for weather. I realize they only “predict” the weather, but at the end November/December every bit helps

Any of them are fine. We prefer accuweather, they seem to get it right more often than in our experience. None of them are right all of the time- and long range are rarely even close…

Weather patterns shift down here pretty fast, so if you are coming down during that time frame be prepared for anything. Have layers with you. We were at MVMCP once several years ago and it dropped into the 30s. Even in the low 50s/ high 40s nighttime will be uncomfortable if you aren’t dressed properly. I turned the weather on to write this- and it says no rain and comfortable temps for the next week + (we live a bit south of Tampa). I will believe it when I see it :stuck_out_tongue:

It is tough to plan for. What we do is check the weather the night before- then dress for early morning and nighttime temperatures on a given day- and take small backpacks to the park. When we go early and are planning to rope drop, a backpack goes in a locker at the entrance for changing into shorts/Ts later. It gets dropped off there after the first few attractions later in the morning. If you do it this way- all you have to do is refresh your TP app and it will get you back on track. We are driving over for 11/28-12/3- then again for 12/13-12/18. We love the holiday ‘magic’ in WDW. Fortunately- we can take our stuff in our car- most people have to figure out how to do it in a plane. What we did before we moved here was wore our cold weather clothing onto the plane- saved us having to take an extra suitcase. Can’t stress this enough, though- layers.

For forecasts beyond 3 days out I use a Ouija board - just as accurate as any other method. Within 3 days I use WeatherUnderground.

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Like @Happy_2_B I use AccuWeather for longer term forecasts as well. Once you’re there, nothing beats Dark Sky for short term forecasts. They’ll tell you exactly when it’s going to rain/stop etc. Brilliant!

LOL! True dat :stuck_out_tongue: