Best order to do MK, Epcot, AK, HS

We have three and 3/4 days in Orlando. I have a boy (9) and girl (5). Staying at the GF. Trying to figure out the best order to do all four parks (if that’s even possible). We usually break at the hotel from 1-4. We are early risers. FastPass+ sign update is in a few weeks so I am trying to get it figured out. Did DL last year so there are some things we can skip (Star Tours, Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Dumbo, Teacups-once was plenty). The book outlined individual park plans but didn’t seem to have a multi=day plan.

Do you have park hoppers? I would not skip Tower if Terror at HS. I am a regular wdw visitor but I would not skip space at DL. When an attraction is thought to be better at one of the parks you need to try it!

The “best” order for me is figuring out the lowest crowd park for each date and going from there. I always try to end with a night at MK and close out the park (and fly out the next morning), but you could substitute in whatever nighttime experience you think your kids would like best or a fun character breakfast the morning that you leave.

There is no multi-park, multi-day plan; selecting which park which day is up to you; you then make a separate TP for each day. How you reach that order can depend on a number of factors; everryone does it a bit differently. Some always go to one park first (or last). Some base it strictly on CLs, some base it on AM EMH. Some base it on which day they can get a specific ADR. For me, CL and EMH schedules are the primary determinates. Are you staying on site? If no, then do not go to a park with AM EMH. I never take long afternoon breaks, but if I did I would want as much time in the morning as possible, so if I was on-site, I would probably try to get as many AM EMHs as possible - especially for my MK day.

I’ve spent roughly an equal number of days at DLR and WDW over the years, and IMHO, almost every case where the “same rides” are in both resorts, the DLR versions are equal to or “better” than their WDW counterparts. There are a few exceptions. ToT and Splash are better rides at WDW. JC is very similar, but a few minutes longer at WDW. TSMM, ittbab, and LM are identical rides, but the queues are more interesting in WDW. Dumbo is the same ride, but it’s much prettier in WDW - especially at night. Primeval Whirl in AK is the same track plan as Goofy in DCA, but the ride cars spin, which makes it more fun.

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I would agree with the responses…crowd level and use of EMH should direct your decisions. After all you are on Touring Plan to increase efficiency and decrease crowd stress. Living within driving distance of Disneyland I always make sure to go on Space and Splash mountain at WDW. Space Mountain is single file seating and Splash mountain is side by side seating (the opposite of Disneyland). Tot did seem to be different at HS and it will be Guardian of the Galaxy at California Adventure soon. I’m pretty sure Star Tours at HS now has scenes from The Force Awakens. So some worthwhile differences. My favorite, probably due to reminiscing, is the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (People Mover in CA).

I’m slightly different to those above. Use Josh is the best!
If you have hoppers (and are pre May) do HS/EP. Rope drop HS early FP+ and then over to Epcot using 4th FP+
Despite the others saying do use EMH, I say DON"T! WDW has 28,000 rooms, with averaging 2.25 people and 85% occupancy rate. That’s a lot of people eligible for EMH. Even if 60% of them don’t go!
Use Josh. He’ll see you right.