Best order of attack for ADRs

What order would you do these in for 5 people except where noted

BOG dinner @60+1
Chef Mickey breakfast @60+2
Cali Grill dinner @60+2
Y&Y dinner @60+3
CRT breakfast @60+4 for 10 people (2 ressies of 5 each) :scream:
Topolino dinner @60+4

Yes, all the big ones. I’m managing expectations :laughing:

Thanks for your input

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Can you not have multiple operatives working at the same time?

I can and I will.

Two accounts, both leads on the same hotel ressie.

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For May 2021, I found Chef Mickey’s the hardest to get, then Y&Y. CRT for lunch and BOG for dinner weren’t too hard. I was going for a table of 7. Got them all. Chef Mickey’s kept disappearing before I could get to the reserve page. Took 3 times.

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Topolinos > CRT > CG > BoG > CM > Y&Y. Might switch BoG and CM.