Best order for booking FPP?

This is my plan right now for trying to get the hard-to-get FPP reservations for Oct. My head is swimming a bit keeping all the variables in check, so I’d appreciate your thoughts. I’ll be doing FPP for 4 people.
What do you think of this order for booking the FPP?
7DMT (60+1, CL 6)
FOP (60+5, CL 7)- only for 2 of us
SDD (60+4, CL7)
Na’vi for the other two people not doing FOP

My thoughts were 7DMT first because it’s our first touring day (ie least availability by the time I can access the system), then (hopefully) in order of hardest to obtain.

I would still do FOP first, especially if you want an early time (and if your 7DMT time is not first thing in the morning).

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I would go for FOP first, SDD second, then 7DMT. FOP and SDD will be the hardest to get, regardless of which day. Na’vi is actually pretty easy to get, so I would do that one last.


Glad I asked! Thank you @Hoyasaxa00 and @FuzzyLumpkin!

I just booked my FPs ten days ago. 7DMT for 60+1 was later afternoon (4:10) – I have since moved it up til 2:40 and will continue to look to bump it up.

I was able to get FOP at 60+4 with early afternoon times.

I did not try for Slinky til day 7 of our trip, so not much help for you there.

I would do FOP first and then SDD, then 7DMT.

My answer is exactly the same as @FuzzyLumpkin

My FPP day is in 10 days (yea!) I have been going back and forth about FOP or SDD first. FOP is 60+6 & SDD is 60+5.
on HS day I am going to MNSSHP so I need to leave HS by noon-ish.
AK day I fly out - planning to leave around noon also so I can go to Disney springs before magic express, so I can stay later at AK if I have to.
I am very dedicated to modifying :slight_smile: but it is really important to get SDD in the morning.
I am going the first week in Sept so my HS day is CL 3 & AK is CL4 & solo trip so FPP for 1.
Do you still think FOP first?

With you looking at 60+6 for FOP, I would do SDD first. I had plenty of availability 60+5 out for FOP on CL 6 day.

I’m also working on my FPP for Oct (just making a game plan), and I had the exact same type of question all cued up in my head, ready to ask. Thanks for the answers before I even asked!

Also, I’m booking for 11 people. Should I even bother trying to book as one group for the SDD, FOP and 7DMT? Or should I just have 2 screens up and running at the same time and start looking in groups of 5 and 6?

Thanks, all! Have adjusted my FPP reservation plans to this order: FOP, SDD, and 7DMT, per the experts’ opinions.

We arrive on 9/23 and I did up a spreadsheet (yes I am over the top) with ranking (order of booking) of each
FPDate/Park Time arrival Rank (when to get)
9/26 AK FOP 6:00 PM 6:41 PM 1
9/27 HS Slinky 1:40 PM 2:30 PM 2
9/29 AK FOP 12:00PM 12:19 3
9/25 MK Seven Dwarves 12:10 PM 12:24 PM 4
9/25 MK Splash 9:45 AM 9:53 AM 5