Best OOP meal

We’re on the standard dining plan and we have ADR’s for more meals than we have credits for. We are a party of 7: 4 adults, 1 of whom is veg. and 3 smaller children. Which is going to be the best meal to pay out of pocket for?

I would guess it would be one of:
Liberty Tree Tavern Lunch
Marrakesh Dinner (Candlelight processional dining package which uses 2 credits)

But we also have:
Akersus breakfast
H&V Fantasmic Dinner
Tusker House RoL Dinner
CP Dinner
Ohana Dinner

Not having been to all of the places on your list and not having any old receipts … my SWAG is Liberty Tree. Here are some references that might let you make a more educated decision:

Buffets and family style dining like at Ohana are likely to be more expensive. I would look at the menu for the other two and see what you think you are likely to eat. That should give you an idea of cost. Remember to be careful when paying OOP. If you are using your magic bands to pay, you want to check carefully to make sure they don’t use your dining credits by mistake.

I would look up the menus of Liberty Tree and Akerhaus breakfast. I think breakfast seems to be the least expensive meal.

Buffets are expensive, but easy to budget for. Breakfast is cheaper than lunch or dinner.

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Restaurant Marrakesh
Morocco Pavilion

$52.00 $19.00 $62.00 $19.00

Dinner is $62 per adult so that is $31 a dining credit. I would pay for this oop. As long as you use the remaining dining credit for a meal over $40. LTT lunch could be less then $31 per adult unless you go for the family style meal.