Best non-traditional food at Animal Kingdom

I need some suggestions for the best non-traditional food at Animal Kingdom (think: no hamburgers, nuggets, pizza). Hubby was excited about trying some of the foods at TH, but we are going to cancel because I got dinner reservations at H&V (Minnie wins every time). He likes more exotic foods, and I’d appreciate any ideas.

My in-laws love Yak & Yeti at Animal Kingdom and Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge!!

Try Harambe Market they have some interesting items such as a curry spiced corn dog.

Mr. Kamal’s has samosas and falafel. Not exotic, IMO, but definitely not something available at the other parks. There is an Asian noodle salad, as well as couple of other salad choices that are very hearty snacks, a buffalo chicken waffle slider, edamame, and lobster mac & cheese available in the park. I highly recommend checking out the Disney Food Blog. Within the last few months, the have had a couple of posts on AK snacks and food options. It sounds like you are not looking for another table service option, but all of the restaurants at AK Lodge have some excellent options unique on property. We have ADRs for Jiko and Boma on our next trip, and we have always loved Sanaa as well.

I know it’s not at AK, but Boma! Best food we ate all week, and it’s all-you-can-eat so you don’t have to worry about small portions or ordering something you don’t end up liking.

Thanks guys!