Best monorail counter service?

We’re getting in on a later flight - I expect to be at Caribbean Beach sometime around 4:30 pm.

I had the idea to lounge around the pool and maybe just go to the food court, but Shutters doesn’t seem terribly interesting.

We may or may not make an attempt at Disney Springs, depending on how wiped we are after traveling all day. But I did have an idea - it might be fun to hop the bus for TMK and go resort-hopping.

So which Monorail resort might have the best counter service options?

We’ve been at the Contempo plenty of times, and we’re doing Chef Mickey for a birthday later in the trip. We’ve never set foot in either the Grand Floridian or the Poly.

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I like Captain Cook’s but I am partial to the pork narchos there.


If you’re open to taking a “launch” (ok, a small boat), “Trail’s End” at Ft Wilderness is very, very nice. Great place to stretch your legs and walk on grass a bit too.

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