Best moderate resort

What is your opinion on best moderate resort?

I love Port Orleans Riverside. I love the grounds, food court, quiet pools, boat to DTD.

Might depend on what you’re looking for. If the pool, environment, decor, etc is most important. I will say that POR is really beautiful and the boat to DTD is so nice and relaxing. I would also say though, that we hated the bed there. It felt like like bare springs covered by a thin sheet lol. Of course we were so tired by the time we went to sleep it didn’t really matter. The river roost lounge is a great place to unwind and have a nightcap before bed, plus you can catch Yeehaw Bob there on some nights.

CBR get’s a lot of love for it’s pool and relaxing environment that includes hammocks.

CSR get’s good reviews for it’s pool and it offers business class, which is sort of a moderate level Club Level. I think this is the one we’ll probably try next.

POFQ frequently is the most mentioned because it’s smaller so there is less walking to get somewhere, and it features only one bus stop so transportation is favorable.

Really though, any place you go will have it’s pro’s and con’s but you’re still at Disney right?

Port Orleans Riverside - The End :smiley:

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I like POFQ. It is small and easy to get around. One bus stop and beignets and jambalaya in the food court with hurricanes in the adjacent lounge.

I have stayed in POR and POFQ. Both were nice, but I would pick POFQ, it is smaller, easier to walk around, and one bus stop. Also it is not too far to get to POR and enjoy it as well.

But I am sorry to say, but right now I have switched to being a value guest. Save some money and I was happy there, but I will admit it was just as a couple, for a family of 4 I would want a moderate resort.