Best mode of transportation to save time at all the WDW parks

Lyft/Uber or Shuttle or Driving our own car?

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You are staying off-site? I say car to all parks (even MK)


offsite. Would it take long time to get to and from the parking lot? Why would Lyft/Uber take more time? I thought they drop at the gate

I’m local and therefore drive to the parks. Sometimes when I park hop I drive my car to the next park. If you are using standard parking you can end up way out in the boonies and w/ no trams right now you will have a bit of a hike to the tap styles. When you get to parking you can try asking a CM if you can drive up to the front area to see if there are any open spots. I always try asking. The CMs know if there are spots open or not too. BUT I think using a Lyft to park hop would be easier and a lot less walking. The car share drop off areas are usually closer to park entrances than any parking spot you’ll find on your own unless you are the first one in for the day or paying for Preferred Parking.

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Uber/Lyft drops you at the TTC for MK and all other drop off zones are in the parking lots. If you come/go during the day parking your car in the lots would be cheaper since you only pay once a day.

You could get dropped off at the Swan/Dolphin for Epcot and Hollywood Studios, I don’t know what the price difference is between parking Uber/Lyft. Also, if you think you will leave for a while during the day, drive your car. You only pay for parking once a day.


OH, yes… I forgot about this part, thank you for making this clear. SAVE YOUR PARKING RECEIPT :wink: If you drive to another park you just need to show them your receipt to save another charge. The last time we were there the parking CM actually stapled my parking receipt to my Pref Pkg window hanger pass thingy. And another thing, preferred parking follows you and those spots will always be closer. As an AP holder I only pay the difference between gen parking and preferred (M-R $20 & F-N $25)

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which is easier? TTC or parking lots for MK?

The parking for the Magic Kingdom is only at the TTC (ticket and transportation center). Once you park your car you will either take the monorail or ferry to Magic Kingdom.

All the other parks have parking lots outside the gates.

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Why do feel rental car better to Uber/Lyft?

It can go either way but if you decide to take a break mid-day and then return to the park at night Uber/Lyft might end up costing the same/more. Also, there are times when it is harder to get Uber/Lyft and at those times surge pricing could mean you pay much more for Uber/Lyft.


Rental cars are close too $500. Also I need to plan for commute to and from airport.

the cost of rental cars is crazy right now. Keep an eye on prices and deal, be prepared to jump to a better deal. Last fall we started out at over $1400 for 10 day in Hawaii but in 6 months of watching and moving ended up only paying under $300 for the same days.

Yes, yesterday a rental for my dates was $479. I am currently sitting on a $271 rate.

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which site do you use to monitor?

Check out undercover tourist for car rentals, if u add cheap park ticket to cart ( I.e. one quick queue ticket at sea world for $17) it applys a large discount for competing car rental companies

Though personally I’d love to see the Minnie mini vans return.

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It applies only $32 discount

I book through Costco travel. My trip is not for another 100 days so I am hoping it will go down further but if not I will do a combo of Quicksilver to/from the airport and Uber/Lyft as needed.