Best MK rides at night

DH and I are going to get an adults-only night in a park. (Thanks MIL for volunteering to babysit!) We’ve decided on MK this time. We definitely want to do space mt and haunted mansion, as those are some of our favorites. Since they’re indoors I know that they’ll be the same no matter when we go. Some of the outdoor rides must have a different feel at night, though. What are the best rides to do in the MK at night?

BTMRR especially during HEA fireworks!

And Astro Orbiter


Jungle Cruise. Maybe also the riverboat.

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We thought 7D was very cool at night. BTMRR definitely has top votes though!

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BTMRR, JC, Splash, 7DMT, and Wedway People Mover/TTA (or what ever its called now).

But HM is also better at night.

Yes, I said HM.

The queue, is much better. It gets you in the mood.


7dmt, People Mover, or BTMRR

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Another vote for BTMRR


Splash! The fall looks way more ominous at night!


BTMRR and Splash


Thanks, guys! That’s really helpful. I would never have thought of astro orbiter or people mover, but they make sense! We’re planning on doing Cali Grill for dinner after so I’m not sure if Splash is in the cards, though.