Best method to make fast pass

Does it make a difference which way you book your fast passes? Disney app vs online.

To be honest I always make my fastpasses online first. That is because you stand a better chance of getting what you want if you make them as early as you can. I do use the app while in the parks to change some or updates them. Personally I don’t ever get a fourth fasspass as my wife and I are older and don’t get to the parks until late morning at best and we leave early to beat the bus rush, but if you are at the parks early and use your three fastpasses up, you can get a fourth one which is usually not a tier one pass as they are all gone in the early afternoon.

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For my initial FP at 60 days out, I find it easier to use the website. It can be done on the app in advance as well and many people do that too. It’s more of a matter of preference.

I was in hospital when I had to make mine. The App kept telling me I was cancelling my ADRs that were close to the window. It didn’t, but it freaked me out! I also found it pretty glitchy. I gave up and let dh handle it on his PC, which worked much better.

Does the app let you do 60 days out and book for the length of your vacation stay like the web site does. For some reason the online version acts glitchy for me so was hoping to make them from the app. Thanks.

As far as I know, it does as long as your tickets are linked. It won’t show up until the 60 days though.