Best Lunch MK...with a twist

Coming up on our 180 window and want to book a good lunch, but here’s the kicker: my family hated BOG on our first trip! Looking for an alternative. My husband is so cliche: a meat and potatoes/american cuisine dude. Any suggestions?

In park, Table Service choices are fairly limited. I’d have suggested Skipper Canteen, but it’s probably the exact opposite of “meat and potatoes/american cuisine” - although it may be worth checking the menu to see if you think he can find an entree that’s suitable for his tastes.

Other TS options are: Cinderella’s Royal Table (expensive, but great atmosphere); Liberty Tree Tavern (pretty much the definition of meat & potatoes); Crystal Palace (Pooh character meal - solid buffet with choices that should cover needs); The Plaza Restaurant (not highly touted, but should have solid basics menu); and Tony’s Town Square (low rated Italian, but a friend ate there recently and really liked it).

If Skipper is too exotic, I’d lean Crystal Palace or Liberty Tree depending on your thoughts on character meals and the costs you want to incur (CP will be around 2X LT). The other option if you have time is to venture outside the parks to one of the monorail resorts or the Wilderness Lodge - lots of great food options there, but it means being out of the parks for 2-3 hours in all probability to cover walking out, travel and security.

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If you are planning on spending anytime at Hollywood studios then 50s prime time cafe would be perfect

Old fashioned American food and the 50s themed with the waiting staff telling you off if you put your elbows on the table or don’t clear your plate

Crystal palace is a decent buffet at MK with characters involved.

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In MK I would say Liberty Tree Travern. Bonus that the dessert is amazing!


Definitely LTT and get the ooey gooey toffee cake for dessert!


I’ll say - IMO picking the “best” MK lunch is picking the best from some of the worst that WDW has to offer. LTT would be my choice, I guess.


Given your dilemma, I would go with Liberty Tree!

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Thank you for all of the suggestions! Is Skipper Canteen a meal that needs a reservation? Or is it possible to drop in for a table? Wondering if I might be able to negotiate:grin: I am much more adventurous so hoping there will be a little give and take. Do you have a favorite dish?

Do you have a favorite dessert?

What are your suggestions for the other parks? I am almost at 180 days. What would be your “do not miss”?

If you want to catch Illuminations (or anything that may replace Illuminations), can’t beat a Rose & Crown reservation at 7:45 or 8pm - the bangers and mash are delicious! I also love Spice Road Table for Illuminations, but probably too “adventurous” as well.


Meals that we particularly enjoyed were:

  • Dinner at La Hacienda (upscale Mexican, definitely not Taco Bell) timed out to watch Illuminations from our table
  • Dinner at Cali Grill, also timed out to see the MK fireworks
  • Late Lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby using the Fantasmic dine package
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Typically Skippers needs an ADR like most TS restaurants at the parks. It’s not the most popular as it’s relatively new and somewhat exotic so I’d guess a same day reservation may be possible. It likely depends on when you’re going - a busy time or one with lots of free meal plans would likely mean it would be full, but if you negotiate successfully with the husband, you might be able to get a last minute ADR especially at an off time or stop by when they first open for the day.

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten to eat there yet, it soft opened the day we left on our last trip. :sob: It’s at the top of my list to try on our next visit though between the theming and interesting menu.

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LTT lunch has the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cale!

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Agree! This fall will be our second time doing Rose and Crown for that very reason! We have a 7:40 ADR, and I hope that’s not too early!

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