Best lines to wait in?

I remember that Winnie the Pooh had a cute/interactive area to do while in line as well as Dumbo. What other rides have interactive lines that make the wait more tolerable? I am trying to figure out what rides for the FP plan, rope drop and also gonna have to wait with some so wondering which ones…

Our group plans on riding EVERYTHING we can, all ages so not just the little kids.


My DD told me not to get a Peter Pan fastpass because she wanted to go through the house.


For the signage and props:
Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder, Everest, Kali are my favorites.

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I would only do that if you RD. The line for PP gets really long very fast.


I agree on TSM. It’s also indoors. Most of us here vote JC as one of the worst lines. It’s slow moving and not.

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I’d say UtS and PoC merely because they are in caves and a good place to cool off in the afternoon.

Also, the Dumbo playground isn’t always open on lower crowd days. It wasn’t when we there they end of April. Just keep that in mind.

Yeah, I hate the line being outdoors but the props and signage are hilarious. If you appreciate puns and sarcasm.