Best Late Arrival Park in Early Oct 2019

We are going to WDW Oct 4-Oct 12, 2019. This is our school’s fall break. I am trying to decide which park we should go to on our arrival day Oct 4. Right now I have scheduled Epcot as I think we should be able to get FP Soarin’, Living with the Land, Journey into Imagination, Nemo (if I can talk my teenagers into it), Spaceship Earth and eat a little, drink a little. That would mean another day at Epcot for the other side of the park (including margarita’s and Via Napoli).

I am now second guessing that decision. Should I take the half day arrival for AK or HS? HS is so up in the air now I have no idea how to plan. I love planning and stuff like this drives me nuts. Thanks for the input.


I would look at park hours and night show times and figure out which of those would be most advantageous in light of other park hours/plans during your stay. IE if that would be your best opportunity to see HEA I would do that. And so forth.


Will you have more than 1 day in any of the parks? If not, I would do the arrival day in MK so you have a 2nd (partial) day there. That’s what we did, because we knew there was so much to do there. But I do think Epcot is also a good choice. A Friday night, so possibly busy with locals, but I’ve heard that’s more of a WS issue than a ride line issue.