Best In-Park Counter Service Lunches

I made all my dinner reservations around my hotel reservation at the Poly and my TPs…I think I did well. O’hana, Spirit of Aloha, Cape May Beach Club, Le Cellier (EP), Crystal Palace (MK), Mama Melrose’s (DHS).

What are your favorite counter-service lunch spots for each park? My wife and I have a non-picky 10yo boy.

Hey man just a word on Cape May – My family and I ALWAYS stay at Y&B, and back 5+ years ago Cape may was our go-to spot.
Last few times we went, it was subpar. The quality of food is pretty much the same as the seafood at kroger or publix. Just wasn’t our favorite. Which is sad. (Could be better now though…it’s been 1 year)

Counter spots…The mexican spot in Adventureland is awesome!

Thanks man- that’s the one I wouldn’t mind switching. I like the idea of a seafood buffet but if its bad I’m not too interested. I was looking for something after a 1/2 day in AK on our way over to either EP or HS in the Y&B and Boardwalk area.

EP - Sunshine Seasons
HS - Rosie’s All American

AK - Flame Tree (this is the only one I would RAVE about)

thanks OBN, I will take note of these- I had flame tree already, so that one gets underlined :wink:

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Cape May still gets generally positive reviews, however, I would caution you if you are at all sensitive. Just walking by that place nauseates me. It smells like they took the left over fish and stuffed it under the booths to rot lol.

As for you counter service here’s what we like.

MK - Pecos Bills
EP - Just about anything in WS as a first choice, but sunshine seasons is good if you still happen to be in FW
HS - Slim pickins… Min & Bills if it’s open. We try not to eat in this park if we can help it.
AK - Y&Y QS window

I agree w/ the food at HS being lacking! We happen to like Hollywood & Vine for breakfast a lot, but the only other place we love there is Bill & Mins. We were actually very pleasantly surprised last trip, had never tried it before.

MK - we love Columbia Harbour House and Pinnochio’s.