Best hotel for 2 families to share a room?

Trying to plan out a holiday split stay with another family. We would have separate lodging in the campsites and then move up to a shared villa. Four adults, two girls 11/13 and a 4 year old boy.

We’ve shared a tree house villa, and 2 bedroom villas at all the DVC resorts. i would never share a single hotel room with another family. I suppose there are rooms that fit 5 people but it’s really close quarters and I’m not sure 2 families can be happy that way.

I am looking to share a 2 bedroom villa. I’m trying to get an idea of the best ones to consider.

When will you be visiting Disney? I have differing recommendations based on time of year. I would stay at Bay Lake Towers from October through November, Grand Floridian Villas in December, and Beach Club Villas from May through September based on pools and fireworks viewing.

The community hall at Kidani is fun, with a pool table. There is no community hall at Beach club. the community hall at Saratoga is really big and is close to the main pool areas so we give the kids more freedom there. The Community hall at Boardwalk has lots of crafts to do all the time and is right next to a quiet pool if the kids wanted to split up for a while yet still have 1 parent watching. Wilderness Lodge is a nice place to stay for the boat access to MK and I like the smaller quiet pool there.

I’ve stayed everywhere except the Grand Floridian. My favorite varies based on the season. Treehouse Villas was fun to do for a stay in the resort and hang out trip but not for a go to the parks trip,

we stayed in a 2 bdrm at kidani and loved it. very nice and plenty of room. the pool area was great for our little ones!

Here is a link to a comparative review incl floor plans. We have stayed in a 2 bedroom at AKL (very spacious, beautiful resort, not very close to parks); this spring we are staying in BC 2 bedroom (4 adults, 3 kids).

Hope it all works out :smile:

Thanks everyone! We will be staying over Christmas break in 2016. It’s so far away that it’s hard to even pick my favorite resort for the holidays. But since I’m sharing with another family, I need to allow them some input on our stay. So the more advice I get from you, the easier the decision from them. So I hope!!