Best fireworks?

I’m planning our February 2020 trip and was thinking of doing something special for a fireworks show for my kids, ages 6-10. We are going to all 4 parks and are pretty flexible (right now). Is there a particular dessert / meal option you prefer?

Thanks in advance!

the illuminations replacement should be going by then, right? I would wager outside of HEA, that’ll probably be the best one (it might even beat HEA).


There are several different parties to consider. I agree with @Randall1028 about the actual fireworks display with HEA and the Illuminations being the best. You also might want to consider interests (Star Wars fans? Then you might want the Star Wars dessert party.). (Frozen fans? Then the EPCOT party).
Each party and what it includes is slightly different. Alcoholic drinks are included at Epcot, AK, HS but not MK. Riding FEA is included in E. Meeting characters is included at HS.
I have HEA dessert party booked for my August trip. Waiting for either Frozen Dessert party or Star Wars party to post availability too. Leaning towards E since Illuminations will be in its final weeks, then on our next trip when SWGE is open try the Star Wars dessert party.

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Thank you. We don’t care about alcohol, but are Frozen fans. It will also be after Frozen II, so I wonder if it would be even better?

HEA sounds like it might be our best bet. Thank you!

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Any idea when SW dessert party typically opens up?

Not sure, but HEA I was able to book 180 days out along with my ADR. Right now you can book Star Wars party through June 30.

We have done HEA dessert party and Frozen/Illuminations dessert party. I felt like the HEA fireworks and party was superior.

The benefit of Frozen is you get to do the ride with no line, but if you do that as part of your regular park visit then I don’t think it’s worth it to do it again IMO.


If you want something that is different and special, we did the Illuminations Cruise, it is for up to 8 or up to 10 people. The provide snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic) with the price. I am sure they will have something like this. You are on the water and have a great view, another plus is that you won’t have to deal with the rush of the crowds leaving.

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Oh forgot to mention about the Illumination cruise. It leaves from the Yacht Club and ours was for 10 people. The cost is for the boat, 1 to 10 people would be the same, same with the 8 person one. We invited other couples we met to join us and had 2 other couples join us, We didn’t tell them that they needed to chip in on the cost, as we had already paid for it. It was a way of spreading pixie dust for us. You just need to let them know 1 day in advance. Also along with the snack, water and other non-alcohol drinks, the boat operator had mad sure to bring some very comfy blankets. It was on Christmas night and was a bit chilly.

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we have this scheduled for our trip in August, just to try something different. Thanks for sharing your experience, this helps me feel like it will be worth it

Just a note in case someone in the future looks here for information about MNSSHP fireworks.

Tinkerbell does NOT fly during the party fireworks show. I got tripped up by this in 2017.

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