Best fireworks show for littles?

Hi all! This is my 1st post so please excuse any faux pas! My DH and I are traveling to WDW in late August with our DS7 and DD3. We’re doing the Magic Ticket so 1 park each day for 4 days. I know this will be a lot for my kids and don’t want to keep them out super late every night. If we were to see only 1 or 2 fireworks shows, which would you recommend? If it makes any difference, my son is not good in crowds and we’ll have the 3yo in her umbrella stroller. TIA!


Definitely do Happily Ever After at MK. I’m not personally a fan of Illuminations, but it might be good for your family as you can usually find somewhere with a decent view fairly last minute so the kids don’t have to wait ages. Fantasmic can be scary for littles, and Rivers of Light is quite slow moving so might not hold their attention.

Totally agree re the above

Happily ever after is amazing

Definitely don’t do Fantasmic as it’s very scary for young kids IMO

Worth saying that the electric light show seaworld are now doing at night is also very good

Thanks so much for the info! I didn’t realize Fantasmic would be scary but after reading a bit about it I think you’re right. Too much for my guys!

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Of the nighttime shows, here are my ratings:

  1. Magic Kingdom fireworks.
  2. Star Wars fireworks at Hollywood Studios. I only saw them from a distance leaving Fantasmic, but they looked pretty cool.
  3. Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios. Might be a little scary for your little ones, though you also have the advantage of catching a bit of the Star Wars fireworks as you leave. Not really a fireworks show.
  4. Illuminations. You can get close, but I suspect it won’t impress smaller kids. Not many fireworks.
  5. Rivers of Light. Adults might like it; kids will probably find it boring. Absolutely no fireworks.

DD3 adored HEA. She clapped and grinned the entire time. If you can swing it, pay for the HEA Dessert party with garden viewing. You will have a reserved space and won’t have to fight the crowds. It was worth the money to us. And DD3 loved filling her plate with little desserts.