Best fireworks display?

If I had to prioritize one fireworks display between MK, HS, and Epcot for our family (4 boys, ages 6-11), which do you recommend? Might be able to do more than one, but it will depend on stamina, among other factors. Thanks!

This comes down to personal preference. Its like asking what is the best kind of cake (BTW - that is BIRTHDAY CAKE - vanilla cake - with vanilla butter cream) - but anyway.

IMHO - there is NOTHING cooler than Wishes MK display. It is just “special”
I also love ILLUMINATIONS at EPCOT - but my family thinks they are lame
HS is also cool.

I would take breaks and see if people can make the fireworks. However don’t miss MK - others I love to see as well - but they don’t hold the same pull for me. Also Main Street Electrical Parade is the only parade I stand around for. The music, the lights - it is just so different - LOVE IT!!


1- Star Wars Symphony in the Sky at HS
2- Wishes
3- Illuminations (distant 3rd because of a long musical period where they might lose interest)
While not a fireworks show, we love Fantasmic and our kids loved it at that age too.

I love the story and music to go along with Wishes, but the fireworks at HS (and version of them) have always seemed bigger to me somehow. I really like Illuminations, but it’s more grown up. My niece liked it (to the point where she wound up singing the song allll night long) but got bored when it slowed down.


Something to consider: they don’t all happen at the same hour. Check the hours for your dates. MK is often open later than EP or HS, and so its fireworks can be a bit later.

As others have said, Wishes is just iconic and IMO is a not-to-be-missed event, especially if it’s a first trip (though I have to see it every time).

That said, I have heard incredible things and seen some pretty impressive photos and videos of the Star Wars fireworks at HS. So much so that I’d like to try to work in a way to see them if we can.

I love Wishes but the current SW fireworks are amazing and I cannot imagine how they could ever improve them with the new show.

Edited to add: my sister turned to me and said : you were right (that we had to watch the SW fireworks) then she said : thank you

A Disney miracle.

  1. I love HS Star Wars fire works best. Partly because I love the music and the evocation of the Star Wars story, partly because they are extremely interesting fireworks.
  2. I’ll admit it: I think Wishes at MK is okay, but I don’t really love the music or the Jiminy cricket/Mickey Mouse voice overs.
  3. As an adult, Illuminations at EP is okay, but i find the spinning globe during the whole middle section extremely boring. I enjoy enjoy the major-key inspiring music at the end with the pyrotechnics and fireworks.
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IMHO the current Star Wars fireworks are the most amazing that I have ever seen, and worth seeing again and again. On the other hand, Wishes is such a classic. It will all probably depend upon how you feel at the time.

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I previously said Wishes - which I still love - but seeing the Star Wars (even online) was really really cool. The fireworks were ok - but the show was AWESOME!!

Personally if I can only do one nighttime spectacular, my choice will always be Fantasmic! It’s not exactly a fireworks show but there are a lot of pyrotechnics featured in the show. The finale will probably remain my favorite Disney moment for the rest of forever. I get chills every time. But as everyone has pointed out, it comes down to preference and there a lot of good options. Wishes obviously tugs on the heartstrings of any classic Disney fan. IllumiNations is a great display but very artistic and a little "blurred’ at times if you will on the story. Not everyone understands but the effects are spectacular nonetheless. I haven’t seen the new Galactic Spectacular in person but I have heard nothing but good things so I imagine if you have any Star Wars fans, this is a must see. It’s a tough choice…