What's the best QS at Epcot -- or should I splurge and keep our table service res in Italy? No dining plan, two small kids and I'm trying to save a little money since we swapped BOG lunch for dinner. But it is worth it to do a table service at Epcot? Food and Wine Festival will be going on too... should I just plan to snack non-stop instead of having meals? LOL
I feel like I know what to expect in other parks, but this is our first time in Epcot and I'm just not sure what to expect! Also wondering if it will end up being a full day with my two littles (DS6 and DD2) which is another reason I'm considering canceling dinner res and making it an early day. I am skeptical of their interest (or my husband's) throughout the pavilions and my youngest won't be able to ride much which I think may lend to her getting jealous of big brother and mommy going off for rides!


There are so many great QS choices in EP! If food and wine is going on it is so much fun to go around and get a few choices from a few booths and split them. Sunshine Seasons has so many great choices if you want to sit somewhere air conditioned. Tangierine Cafe is my favorite QS in EP. It has such great food but I do not know about the children's menu. Enjoy!


World Showcase = take your pick. So many to choose from
Future World = Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavilion


With two small kids I would go for Sunshine Seasons - a lot of good choices there for everyone.


EP has, without a doubt, the best QS food in any of the parks. My personal favorites are Tangerine Cafe (Morocco), Yorkshire Fish and Chips (UK), and Sommerfest (Germany) Katsura (Japan) is also quite good. Many people recommend the Boulangerie (France), but I've only had pastries there. In FW, Sunshine Seasons is the definite go-to; huge selection of more traditional "American" choices.


I should add to avoid La Cantina (Mexico) and Lotus Blossom (China) - very sub-par.