Best DVC rental point store

Best and why? GO! :smile:

There was a thread about this not too long ago…I tried to link it…but I’m never successful with it…hope it works!

We used DVC rental store last year because of a suggestion on this site, and it was wonderful. No issues at all! We got trip insurance just for peace of mind. Good luck!!

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Those two rental companies are totally legit. I’ve sold through David a few times. You can save on rooms, or pay about the same but getting a better stay in a nicer location and room.

I’ve used the dvc store. I think that and davids are pretty similar but I liked that I didn’t have to put down a deposit for them to check availability and I didn’t have to pay 100% at time of booking at dvc store. The process was so easy and the consultants are very attentive… had tons of questions. We ended up buying dvc points at the Polynesian, but if not, would definitely use dvc store again.

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Yes, I liked that too, looking into both! Thanks :slight_smile:

I just booked Poly, Studio Lake View, for 11/24 - 12/2/17 thru David’s. My husband and I are Disneyland and Tiki fans, this is our first trip to Disneyworld, and we are BEYOND excited!!! :grinning:

Expect a lot more from me here on the forum as I start to really plan this trip! :computer:

We just booked a lake view at Bay Lake Tower for December through DVC store. I liked that the DVC store, unlike David’s doesn’t charge to look at availability and that I only had to put half down. It took them about two and a half weeks to secure our reservation. Our agent, Sarah Pitts has been very helpful and always gets back to us quickly when we’ve had questions.

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