Best Disneyland tour

We are a Disney World veteran family but first timers to DL this summer. Any suggestions on best tours for a family of 5 with kids 6, 9, and 12?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve only done one: Walk in Walt’s Footsteps. We did it in 2013 as 23-year-olds. We both enjoyed it a lot even though the information wasn’t new. It may be less exciting to 6/9/12 year olds unless they are really interested in the history of the park or seeing Walt’s apartment. We went on PPF, saw the lobby of Club 33 (pre-remodel, not sure how this works now), went into the apartment, talked about the petrified tree, and had lunch at the Jolly Holiday. I can’t remember exactly but I think it lasted around 2.5 hours.

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I am also a Disney World veteran but grew up in Disneyland. While I have not been on any tours, I am looking at the “Welcome to Disneyland tour” on our next trip. This tour give you and overview on both parks, and some special perks. Hope that helps a bit. :smile:

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