Best Dinner Spot suggestions?: MK Main St or Tomorrowland

Looking for a good suggestion for dinner in MK. Will be returning to the park after resting at hotel, so would like to find something along the path to tomorrowland where we will spend the evening. So something along Main St or in Tomorrowland.

I have ADRs at The Plaza Restaurant, but was wondering if there was a better option? Doesn’t matter if it’s counter or table service, just good food and something that won’t take a huge amount of time.


Good food in MK, I’d go Crystal Palace or Skipper’s Canteen, although Skipper’s isn’t on the route. The food in MK isn’t it’s strong point. Given you’re just getting back to the parks around dinner time though, it’s likely a perfect opportunity to try out one of the many excellent restaurants at the monorail resorts. Lots of great food choices there from TS to QS depending on what you want and if you’re not already in the parks, I’d highly recommend one of those options as both better food and far less busy so it will be a more relaxing meal. Plus you can checkout one of the monorail resorts as a bonus…


We always enjoyed the food at the Plaza. It can be a bit noisy though. For a counter service meal in Tomorrowland, we go to Cosmic Rays. It has a variety of food options and ample seating. However, it can be crowded during the busier times of the day. Personally, I’d stick to the Plaza since you have res.

BOG, Crystal Palace, and Plaza are all good options

This is probably the very best of the options