Best Dining

It’s me and my two darling daughters 14 and 10. We have a BOG res but we have done it before and it might get in the way of HEA fireworks. Taking a little poll. 4 nights, we want to do 1 nice dinner age appropriate for them

Does anyone have a recommendation of something other than BOG that my girls may love?

If you can afford it, CRT is really nice, and the food was great.

so hard to say based on what they actually like. However in my estimation a nice meal is a nice meal and a good restaurant can always accommodate. California Grill is always nice. Chefs de France is a favorite of mine and the kids (yes kids). If they like princess NORWAY is a lot of fun and I found the food good. Artist Point was always good. Narcusi is great. It really depends on what you are looking for. I like to have a FINE dinner or lunch a few times while in WDW. We do plenty of counter service - but a nice sit down with good food is always appreciated. So it really comes down to what they want. The reef is neat - although I have always thought the food itself was OK at best. Jiku was fantastic last time we were there - but it is a bit of hike - but appropriate on an AK day

For your family I would say California Grill but I believe Jiko is the best overall restaurant on property.


All depends on what kind of food they like and what kind of experience you all want.
It’s certainly not fancy, but my DD 22 picked 1900 PF as her last dinner with us before she starts the DCP and we leave her for a few months. I thought she might want something fancier, but she really wants to go there & eat at the buffet and watch her 17yr old brother squirm while the step sisters flirt with him. Afterwards she wants to watch the fireworks from the beach either there or at the Poly with a drink in her hand.

Great. Thank you for the advice and help. A lot to research and decide upon.