Best Deluxe for Family of 5?

Which Deluxe would you recommend for a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids - youngest will be 8 when we go)? We can’t make our minds up between an Epcot or Magic Kingdom resort - we plan to spend pretty equal time at all the parks but will want to be somewhere convenient for midday breaks.

What time of year will you be going? Just curious if swimming is important during the midday break.

Oh yes, good point! Planning on around Labor Day next year, so swimming will definitely be in the cards.

Beach Club!

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I was going to say Beach Club too!! Especially if swimming is important–the BC and YC share the best pool in the property. And you can walk to HS and Epcot. And you have the boardwalk.
If I were going to pick a MK resort, I would choose the Poly. Easy transport to MK, great pool, good restaurants.

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I was looking at square footage. For those that have stayed BC and Poly, do the Poly rooms feel bigger? There looks to be a bit of difference in square footage.

Yes. I stayed at a Poly DVC Studio and a Beach Club Studio this summer and the Poly studios are about 100 square feet larger than at the Beach Club. (465 vs. 365). It felt a LOT larger at the poly…

For Reg. hotel rooms, BC seems to be 381 vs. 415 at Poly. So, about 9% bigger. IDK if that will make a HUGE difference, but, if price isn’t going to decide, having more room with a 5th person might be good!

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I’ve stayed in both recently (this year) and I can’t really say I noticed much difference in the size. I honestly don’t know which is larger. Neither felt particularly bigger than the other.

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Family of 5 here and have stayed at both and felt we had more room at Poly. We weren’t in DVC for either stays but in Deluxe CL room for BC and standard view room for Poly. Even with Deluxe room for BC I felt Poly was bigger. Downside of Poly is no split bathroom to allow one person to shower/bathe or use the toilet while another gets ready at the sinks outside. But we always figure it out.

I love both resorts but most of my group liked Poly more. If Magic Kingdom is a big part of your trip or ease of transportation I would pick Poly. We were there for the Labor Day weekend and the entire atmosphere was really relaxing and just felt like an escape!


Thank you everyone! I think we’re leaning toward the Poly but we’re waiting for MVT to release the Labor Day deals before we decide. Great info - thanks again!


I have stayed in both. I like the sink area in the BC rooms but to me the Poly rooms are much larger.