Best deal MCO -> Universal studios? 3 adults 2 kids

How does everyone prefer to get to the resort? We will be at disney the 2nd half of the week so we only need transportation to universal from the airport. What are all of your preferences and why?

When we are going to stay at Universal, we normally don’t rent a car. When we get to the airport, we take a taxi, it’s easy, and it’s normally around $55?

We were planning on uber and I imagine it’s about the same price. My travel agent quoted me at $200 total for the 5 of us to do a shuttle so I figure uber/taxi has to be better than that. I guess we’ll just have to wait for a van/suv.

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The first time we did it, we used Uber because we were less people, and less luggage. However, after that, the cost would’ve been more expensive because we needed a bigger Uber, even with a discount code. When we saw that we could ride in a big taxi for cheaper, we did that, and it was easy because there is a line to wait in for a taxi. If we went again with a smaller group, we’d probably Uber if it’s cheaper than a taxi.

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I will likely Uber/Lyft from the airport this next trip, but have several times used a car service, Destination MCO, which was $85 for a towncar. I would imagine you’d need a minivan or 3-row SUV if you Uber/Lyft with 5 passengers, and I’m not sure your car service options short of a limo for 5 passengers, though there likely are some. Fwiw, Destination MCO has always been reliable, and they do a great job monitoring my flight delays so that’s one less thing to have to worry about.

We will need to do the same in Dec…most people over on Orlandoinformer have been happy with and suggested using Lyft…apparently cheaper than Uber…but we will need Lyft or UberXL as well…5 people.

we ended up using lyft and it was really easy and not very expensive. we had 5 people and a lot of luggage so used a lyft xl. I would definitely recommend this method!

We took an Uber XL for 5 of us to and from Portofino Bay resort and the airport - it was about $25 without the tip each way. I did have a promotion for 25% off 10 rides, which I believe was included in the total. I’d also recommend comparing the cost of every ride to lyft before you book since they can, at times, be vastly different in price. Regardless, it was easy - the cars came in less than 5 minutes.